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Q. How many web designers does it take to change a light bulb? A. I think the issue is not so much the light bulb in this case, but the relationship between the light bulb and the ceiling around it. If we were to introduce a light bulb at this stage, we would have to consider the knock on effect that would have on the room in general. it may seem like a small addition, but in reality it would require a considerable amount of subtle work to be carried out on the entire room. I’m not saying we couldn’t change the bulb, but it’s best to establish a baseline for this at an early stage.


Q. How many graphic designers does it take to change a light bulb? A. Does it HAVE to be a light bulb?

Make the logo BIGGER song

Caution: contains mildly strong language

Q. How many web designers does it take to chane a light bulb? A. I’m not changing anything
- p. s. Just joking right  :o)

The life of a web designer summed up…

Mac users swear by their computers…
Windows users swear AT their computers.

It’s a basic human need…

Think about it…

What a bargain!

Still hiring...

I'm interviewing for staff...

Kevin, a fellow web designer, never gets any work done….Naughty Kevin!

Could any more be included?

Included in my basic package prices are some pretty substantial elements…everything you need to get you online, with no worries:


Bespoke website design: Unique design and layout

1 year’s web hosting: Web hosting with 99.9% up time

5 email addresses: From one professional, site specific inbox

.co.uk domain name: PLUS registration for 2 years

Standard contact form: Messages sent directly from your website

Submit to search engines: Get listed with Google & Yahoo!

And if that wasn’t enough…to ensure your website has the best foundation, I also include basic on page SEO in my prices!

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